How I shoot weddings.

I fully immerse myself in the day to capture everything as it happens. All the nervous anticipation during the morning preparations through to questionable dance moves at night.

I go with the flow for the majority of the day and try to be as unobtrusive as possible. A lot of the time you won't even realise I'm taking photos of things going on around you. I try to keep everything as stress and hassle free as possible for you on your wedding day. You should be focussed on soaking everything up and having the best day of your life while I'm capturing all the beautiful moments in between.

I don't ask my couples to do any cheesy poses and the majority of the time everything is candid. The only exception to this would be the group photos and portraits of the two of you but even this I try to feel more like a relaxed wander around the venue where I'll try to place you in some nice lighting and take some modern, epic portraits.

Wedding morning preparations

The morning's preparations are genuinely one of my favourite parts of the day. This sets the scene for the rest of the day. Prosecco poured, playlist on and I'll be snapping away capturing it all. I usually arrive about 2 hours before the ceremony. This gives time to get all the important preparation photos in the morning as well as detail shots of the venue before everyone arrives

The wedding ceremony

This is what the day is all about! It's the first time you see each other on the day and where it's all made official. This part of the day generally takes care of itself. I'll be tucked away in the corner of the room and will be capturing all the emotion of the ceremony.

Wedding group photographs

After the ceremony I'll let you mingle and enjoy yourself. I'll grab you after about 30 minutes to go through your list of group photos.

I recommend 8-10 group photos so this portion of the day is kept short and sweet and allows you to get back to having fun with all your guests. This doesn't mean the group photos have to be traditional line ups, if you want to add smoke bombs, spray some prosecco about during golden hour, throw your bouquets I'm totally game!

Bridal party at Barra Castle by Aberdeen wedding photographer Graeme McInnes

Wedding couple photographs

I'll grab you guys for about 30 minutes to get some couples shots. Capturing stunning portraits is a really important part of what I deliver and I aim to get some epic photos for the two of you to look back on. Depending on the time of year I like to split this in to 2 sessions during the day. 20 minutes during the drinks reception and then I highly recommend heading out for 10 minutes during golden hour while the light is at it's best.

I keep this whole process laid back and won't get you doing anything too posed. It's more of a relaxed wander where you get the opportunity to get away from it all and to take everything in.

Bride and Groom photography at Wedderlie House by Edinburgh Wedding photographer

Wedding reception

My coverage doesn't end with the first dance. I'll stick around for a couple of hours or at least until I feel I've captured enough to tell the full picture of the day. So plenty time to get all those drunk dance moves, tequilas and all the fun with your nearest and dearest.